the who

Does “the perfect bride” have a face?


For someone, I hope this makes you stop in your tracks. I hope it makes you realize the person you’re trying to be perfect for couldn’t even comprehend perfection if it was standing right in front of them. The definition of perfection is influenced. It’s not fact, it’s not black and white and it’s simply not true. Though, there is truth about perfection - it’s an easy trap to fall into. The idea of “the perfect bride” is a false reality that exists in the mind of a lot of brides. In the midst of tedious planning and obsessing over the big day, this false reality may sneak up on you. In making sure every detail is perfect, you start to treat your self worth like another table decoration. You may not see it this way until you’re looking in the mirror during your wedding dress appointment or your hair and makeup trial analyzing every “detail” on your body, every curve, every flaw and every stray hair. Even as I’m writing this, I’m tearing up for you. I know this kind of pressure is tremendous and I know you’re “supposed to be” the happiest you’ve ever been. Let me remind you, the details in my job are the state of the eyes in front of my lens. I have a powerful tool that isn’t just a picture or a video, but a documentary. I’ll be close to you, and I care about the state of your heart and the emotion behind your eyes. No matter what, I will not make perfection out of you. Whatever you give me, whatever emotion or insecurity or genuineness you show up with, I will document. If you want only perfection from this day, do not choose me. I will not retouch or revamp, I will only enhance what is in front of my lens. You are not a movie, you are not an actor and you are not perfect. Life is not perfect, but it is still beautiful.

If you can be real, if you can be you, work with Polished.


the why

For a long time I did not want to shoot weddings. It just “didn’t fit who I was as a creator.”

Then, I let go of my huge ego and my, let’s be honest here, overwhelming fear of failure, and literally jumped in the deep end. I went from never shooting a wedding in my life to booking several in my first year. When I booked my first wedding as a videographer, I had never been to a wedding as a professional, in fact, I’d only been to maybe 3 weddings as a guest. I made that very clear. I did weeks of research, decided I was capable and finally booked it.

That wedding hasn’t even happened yet…

So why have I invited you here, being way too vulnerable about my experience? I’m confident in my passion for it, and I want you to be confident in me, too. Before you ever book with me, you should know it all.

To give you some context, I am not a spontaneous business owner. I practiced photography for over a year before I charged for it. I have never gone out and pitched my services to businesses even though I specialized in commercial, because I never felt good enough. I made my (very little) income from word of mouth recommendations and some social media advertising. For the 2 years that I’ve been in business, I’ve been constantly criticizing and improving my skills. I want you to know that my confidence doesn’t come naturally, I do not have an ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ that you’ve probably seen from most business owners, if not on Shark Tank. So when I say I’m confident, it’s really a big deal.

I’m not naive to the fact that I’m not the best in the business or the most unique, I’m new. I know that every creator has their own unique touch, though I’d like to think I do too. I believe the thing that separates me is my gift for storytelling. I want to tell good stories, that is always my goal in every project. “how do I tell their story in the best way,” or “how can I make this story visually engaging,” or “they created an incredible story, how can I best represent this the way they deserve?”

I will always deliver for you, honestly, ethically and to the best of my ability.

my process

I’m Toni, 23, a journalism student.

9 on the enneagram, ENFP - if you’re into that kind of stuff.

I love people, and ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been fascinated with telling their stories. I’ve had a lot of experience in storytelling during internships at different media organizations, constantly finding ways to make each story new and engaging every week - always striving to do it more honestly, more accurately and more emotionally. I absolutely pour my heart into other people’s stories, whether that be through photo or video or even helping you write your vows, it’s my purpose in this life. I take it seriously.

There’s so many people in this world that deserve to have their story told, just like you, and I admire you. I observe, I explore and I explain. That’s my process. That’s my story.

the experience

I know wedding planning can be stressful and extensive, so I want to make this part simple. Follow the steps to best optimize your inquiry!

step 1: pick a package


the day $500

6 hours of coverage

1 photographer

50% deposit to book


all the little things $700

Engagement session

9 hours of coverage

2 photographers

50% deposit to book


this is us $900

Engagement session + bridal portraits

From the beginning of the day to the end of the day / unlimited hours of full coverage

2 photographers

50% deposit to book


1-4 minutes long

1 soundbite

Essential footage

1-2 songs as needed (based on favorite

genre, etc...)

6-10 minutes long

2-3 soundbites

All the footage from the day

1-3 songs as needed (based on favorite

genre, etc...)

12-16 minutes long

unlimited soundbites (as needed)

Full coverage of footage from the day

Engagement video session

Footage from events leading up to the day,

such as the rehearsal dinner

2-4 songs as needed (based on favorite genre, etc…)


step 2: answer a few questions

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step 3: wait for my reply to schedule a meetup.

can’t wait to talk alll the details!