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I shoot boudoir a little differently than most. I DO NOT RETOUCH anything. I’m very passionate about it because I love the vulnerability and realness that you have to show up with to shoot this very personal session in the first place, I want to emphasize on documenting that for you. I don’t believe boudoir is just about being sexy, I believe it’s about being brave.

I encourage you to practice the subtle art of vulnerability. It is the motivation to be naked, and to be naked is the motivation to be brave, and when we’re brave, we can conquer anything in this life.
— Toni Ross, Owner

boudoir is biased

It’s not fact, it’s not defined by a single body, it’s not required to feel “some type of way”, but it’s a choice. It’s a choice for YOU, and you alone. Boudoir is an art of expression, your expression for your body — it’s allowed to be sexy or flawed or joyful or sad. It’s designed for the bride or the survivor or the youthful or the aged. If I ask you anything, it’s to understand boudoir, and understanding it means not apologizing for the way you look or the way you act, it’s not trying to BE the inspiration for your photos, it’s knowing who you are and what your session will represent. It’s finally embracing being comfortable with being vulnerable.


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2 outfits

for moliere brides only (will verify purchase)

studio location

My newly designed studio location is the guest room in my house. I’m hoping to move to a full studio location sometime, but for now as I’m a student in college, this is the best I can do. I recently painted and renovated the room and have done ALL of my sessions here. It’s a great space for contemporary and minimalist looking photos. If you would like to shoot in a separate place, I am CERTAINLY open to it, though additional fees (such as an Airbnb reservation) will be added to your invoice.

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