I go into detail of why I started this business, who this business is for and what I ABSOLUTELY love doing!

I hold my work to a very high standard, there are three things I value most when marketing - transparency, ethics and artistry.

Polished started as a simple idea aimed at documenting true authenticity through photos. I have experience in photojournalism and attribute my skill in photography to my time at a local newspaper. Working for print really threw me into photography - I had to prepare to be unprepared. Every situation was different and everything was out of my control, especially lighting and the order of events. When my time at the newspaper ended, I decided to take my skill to the next level by starting a documentary photography business. It didn't take long for me to realize that there just isn't enough demand for it.

Another passion of mine is bridal fashion. For a couple years in high school and college, I worked as a bridal consultant. I loved it, but my reserved personality and class schedule didn't fit well with the high monthly sales goals. About a year after moving on from bridal consulting, I was contacted by the bridal shop about handling their social media and received a media internship at Brides of Oklahoma magazine.These were such a surprise for me, but turned out to be the perfect fit.

I was inspired. My two worlds finally found a way to intermix. As a journalism student, I'm really into finding the best ways of telling people's stories and as a photographer I'm really into promotional shoots.

The irony of Polished is that it's not meant to be pretty, it's meant to be real. My overall goal for each client is that my work promotes their real mission in an aesthetically pleasing way to help businesses keep providing exceptional services and promoting to the standard of todays demands.

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about Toni 


I would best describe myself as an observer. I love just sitting in the background, watching and listening to others share their stories. 

I'm 23 years old and have more experience in a variety of different fields than I could have ever imagined. My experience has shaped me into the professional I am today. Although I have learned so much in my short time in college, I am always open to learning more.

It keeps me good.

 I love to work with all kinds of different people and businesses. I'm passionate about finding better ways to serve clients by applying my journalism experience in research, writing, photography, design and communicating clearly.

In my other ventures I'm a daughter, lover, auntie and friend.